Saturday, April 11, 2009

Hudson and Murphy Now On Twitter!

Well, this should come as no surprise. It was only a matter of time. Hudson and Murphy now have their own Twitter page. Well, Hudson does all of the tweeting so far. I really think this is all way beneath the Dignified Murphy. Or, Hudson simply won't let Murphy have a go at it.

Here's the inside scoop from Hudson: Dere Dairy; when papi si sleep at nite I'll git his tweeter thingy an tell u what really really happend durin the day! Evryday!! Luvs U Huds. Oh, and get this. Now Hudson is thinking about blogging. (I'd better not quit my day job. Wait – I don't have a day job.) Anyway, Bloggin' Bob (THE Bloggin' Bob of Everything and the Dog) has now got Hudson all worked up about writing a blog. Bob recently tweeted to Hudson about how he writes a blog and that Hudson should write one too. Hudson's reply? Do you really mean I can Blog? Yippeeee U will have to tell me what a blog is...but I'll do it. I really will. Luvs U Huds.

Well, there you go. Who needs opposable thumbs? Anyone who thinks dogs don't run the world is not paying attention.

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