Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Today in Photos - April 22, 2009

Here’s a fantastic shot of the incoming storm Luke took just before they pitched their tent. It was about 2 in the afternoon, but Luke didn’t want to take any chances with the storm bearing down on them, so made camp, thinking the storm would last the better part of the day. Naturally, about an hour later the storm cleared. Thinking he could get back on the road and get a few more miles in, since it was still early, he started breaking camp. Sure enough, just as he was taking down the tent, up came another storm. Back up goes the tent, and inside they all scramble. Unfortunately, Luke had pitched the tent near a firing range, but imagining no one in their right mind would be out on a firing range on a stormy day, he wasn’t concerned. Now, when I say near, I do not mean they were on top of the firing range, but they were within hearing distance.

Eventually the storm finally passed. And when the sun came out in the late afternoon, so did the guys with the guns. This started around 7PM. Boom Boom Boom! Boombooomboomboomboom! Both Murphy and Hudson were freaking out, with Hudson trying to get out of the tent. (Anyone who has a dog who is afraid of thunderstorms and fireworks will appreciate what it must have been like with two big dogs, one tiny tent, soggy weather with rain seeping into to the floor of the tent, and Luke trying to keep the peace with The Riflemen playing shoot ‘em up in the background.) But, Luke soon settled them both down with some snuggling, and after a while Hudson and Murphy were fast asleep.

From Twitter: We'll be on road next 2 days str8. Goal is Lancaster, OH. Got tent up just in time. Still we're all a tad soggy. Wet dogs, 30mph winds, rain storms –that’s how we celebrate earth day. In my haste to get out of rain I pitched tent near a firing range. Huds is shaking so bad. Poor lil fellr. Should I a) give him sleepy cheese b) tell him to puppy up & act like a road warrior or c) give him snuggle snuggles?

I chose c) and he was fast asleep.

(By the way, the MurphyHead pictured above? That's a Wagatha's biscuit heading mid-air for Murphy's waiting mouth. Luke said he had to try over a dozen times before he got the shot just right. I don't think he heard any complaints from Murphy as cookies rained from the skies!)

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