Thursday, April 30, 2009

Bath Day!

(On the way to the self-serve dog wash, Hudson ponders "The smell of possibilities." He knows there's a bath in his future and he's not exactly thrilled about the idea.)

Today Hudson and Murphy got baths (and were none too happy about it). Actually, think they’re a little confused about the whole thing, and rightfully so. After all, their Papi is the one going to the Celebrity Chef event – Hudson and Murphy weren’t even invited. So I think they’re both wondering why THEY have to get baths. (Especially after what one of the little kids asked Luke on Tuesday.) If they weren’t on the guest list, what’s the point of taking a bath? They’re even tweeting about it. (I hope the Twitter Thingie doesn’t fall into the tub with them): Hudson sent this: help me Papi sez hes givin me a scrubbin. don't want scribbin. Will Ellen know me if I smell good? And Murphy said this a few hours ago: Why do r papis want to give us a bath just when we start to smell good? Murph the Smart 1. Good question, Murphy!

Of course, there’s the guy who Luke tweeted about yesterday: In Cincy a guy said 'I saw u on TV & your dogs r good looking. You’re not'. My reply 'Yeah? That's why I brought them with me.'

All done!

Thanks to Mutts & Co. in Dublin, Ohio, and especially to Kariena & Deborah. And to Signe for toweling down Hudson.

Gosh, everybody looks so squeaky clean.

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