Saturday, October 18, 2008

A Hoody for Hudson

Hudson is modeling the sweater he got from a friend in Texas who lovingly knitted it to protect him from the colder weather he, Murphy, and Luke will be encountering soon on the road. Notice it even has an attached Tuque! Luke writes: “It's a smart looking sweater that he can wear underneath his pack and he'll need it. Unlike Murphy, he doesn't have the thick undercoat to keep him warm. I considered for a brief time shaving my back hair and having it woven but this'll look much nicer, dontcha think?”

Yeah, Luke – much nicer!


Anonymous said...


Vicki Tankersley said...

Wow, whoever knitted the sweater and Tuque really has so much talent! The colors are spectacular and it fits him perfectly! Love, Vicki & Blazer

Roz said...

Totally adorable!
Best wishes,
Roz in Fargo

Roz said...

Just a thought....this could make a great holiday card!