Friday, October 24, 2008

A Home for Buddy

[For the video on Buddy, please visit YouTube.] Ginger of tells us a bit about Buddy: Buddy came to the Memphis Humane Society right after Katrina hit New Orleans. He was heart worm positive. For a while he had a foster home who kept him through the heart worm treatment, but they couldn't adopt him. He then was adopted and stayed with that family for several months. However, they had to return him to us because their living situation changed. He was with us at the Humane Society for a couple more months and then adopted out to a lady with two small children. Buddy lost his balance one day and knocked the younger little girl over and she was afraid of him after that so he was returned again. In between all the returns to the Humane Society we all fell in love with him, so he became my office dog.

Last November, I started bringing him home with me at night because he would stand at the front door of the HS and watch me as I drove off. I hated seeing his face at the door so he joined my "pack" at home.

He is terribly afraid of storms. I guess it's because of Katrina. I have to either get on the floor with him and hold him or we get in the bed together and I hold him until the storm is over.

We are not sure how Buddy lost his foot. A vet told me that it looked like Buddy had gotten it stuck in something and chewed it off as there are no surgery scars. As you can tell from the video he doesn't let it keep a big dog down! However, I do have to pick him up to get in the bed, unless of course there is a storm -- then he will jump on the bed with me!

At last, Buddy has his forever home, and now is an official member of the 2Dogs family. Welcome home, Buddy! You have that true Puppy Up! spirit.

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