Thursday, October 23, 2008

“Excuse me, Sir. Are you homeless?”

This was only the start of the questions Luke and the Boys got the other night while they were resting along the side of the road on their way to Mousetail Landing Park. Apparently two college girls had a sociology assignment, and part of that assignment was to find homeless people and talk to them. Seeing Luke and the Boys was all the excuse they needed to pull their little Geo Metro over to the shoulder, get out, and offer him some candy. Huh? Candy? Yup. Poor Luke apparently looked like he could use a handout so they offered him some candy. (I guess they didn’t have any dog cookies on hand for the Boys.)

After he finally convinced them he was not in fact homeless and did not need their candy, but thank you very much, Luke patiently explained that he was on a walk from Austin to Boston to spread awareness about canine cancer. Oooooh! Gee, Mister! He talked with the girls, explaining to them about the walk, the cause, the Boys. And he was doing a fine job too until yet another car pulled up alongside the group. This guy was not so pleasant and wanted to know: “Hey, this guy botherin’ you?” Yes, machismo is alive and well, if not just a little misdirected, here in the Volunteer State. I guess this guy was volunteering to rescue the Metro-damsels from the funny man with the two big white dogs. Or maybe HE wanted some candy. So, once again, Luke had to explain the mission and convince the guy that he, Hudson, and Murphy were not a danger to society or the state of Tennessee. What a night!

OK, there’s more. No, really! Luke and the Boys stopped again some time later to catch their breaths and once again settled down just off the road. In the meantime, some other well-meaning Volunteer State good person called the police convinced there “was some dead guy on the side of the road.” (Get ready for this, Luke. Tennessee is full of well-meaning volunteers!) The cops showed up, discovered he was in fact NOT dead, and wanted to know what he was doing. (I guess the days of being left peacefully alone to pursue your own interests are long gone. Good thing there were no Metro-girls with candy or macho-macho men or well-meaning police during the days of the Pioneers or the settlers would still be making their way out of Jersey.) Luke finally convinced the cops he, Hudson, and Murphy were neither dead nor a danger to society or the state of Tennessee. What a day!

Despite all the delays, Luke and the Boys did make it to Mousetail Landing State Park where they settled down for the night. They headed out again on Highway 100 this morning, and are going to try for about 5 to 6 hours of walking, then find a place to camp as we’re expecting rain and storms for the next two days.

Luke did say he’d been taking some great videos of the area (and the area around Mousetail is quite beautiful with its tree-covered hills, beautiful river, and valleys of dense fog). And of course the Boys love the cooler weather. Luke calls it their “frisky weather.”

So, there you have it. Luke and the Boys, deep in the heart of The Volunteer State.

More soon. Until then, Puppy Up!
Erich & His 4 Pack

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Anonymous said...

Hilarious! They must feel very safe will all those observant Tennessee-ans watching out for each other :)