Monday, October 27, 2008

Bloggin' With Bob

Today we have another very special guest blogging with us. You may be familiar with his blog, "Daisy and Bob's Blog." Bob has a unique perspective on the world, and we hope you enjoy our conversation.

How did you get started writing a blog? I kinda just inherited The Blogging Business when my BFF Daisy passed away. She wouldn’t let me help her because she said I was too dumb to write a blog, but after she passed away, a lot of my friends thought I should have a chance. I was so scared in the beginning and lots of time I am still scared when I have some real reporting to do, but I think I am doing a pretty good job.

Why would a dog write a blog? For the same reason that two-legs write a blog. Daisy (and now me) want to share our stories with you, and all our other friends.

How do you manage using the keyboard? Fortunately, I was able to watch Daisy in action and I got lots of lessons from her, even when she didn’t think I was listening. Daisy really did think I was – in her words: “dumb as a stump.” I don’t actually use the keyboard, I just think things into my Mom’s head and she uses the keyboard for me.

The title of your blog says “Daisy and Bob’s Blog.” Who is Daisy? This is sort of complicated. My 2-legged Mom is named Patti and her 2-legged daughter is named Lydia. So technically that makes Lydia my 2-legged sister. Daisy was the four-legged daughter of my sister, Lydia. This made my Mom into Daisy’s Gram and technically this made Daisy my niece. But normally nieces are younger than their Uncles, right? So I just thought of Daisy as my own sister and most importantly as my BFF.

One time Daisy sent a letter to Regis & Kelly because she wanted them to help her be on The Bachelorette (this was a long time ago, when Daisy was just a sweet young thing). This is how Daisy described herself:

"My name is Lewsen’s Princess Daisy Dawg and as you can see from my photo, I am an English Bulldog. I am very talented and I am a good writer. I know you are familiar with other famous bulldogs, and perhaps you know of that Zelda dog who has a lot of costumes? She is not a good writer, and I am. That is why I am a princess and she is not."

How did you hear about We heard about 2dogs2000miles from our dear friend Tracie Hotchner. Lydia got to be on one of Tracie’s radio shows and Luke got to talk a little bit before Lydia got to talk and Tracie thought that Hudson should be running for President of our Country and maybe Daisy should be the Vice-President.

Tell me something about yourself that you’d like to share with readers. I know they can visit your blog, but perhaps tell them something special about yourself they may not have learned from your blog. I am very proud of my four-legged Mom and Dad. People only hear bad things about us (Pit Bulls) all the time, but my Mom and my Dad were National Weight Pulling Champions. They trained very hard to compete and to let other people know that Pit Bulls could compete in the right kind of championships. It takes a very, very special Pit Bull to do this, and that would NOT be me. I hope my Mom is as proud of me as I am of her even though I don’t want to pull heavy weights.

Sometimes Pit Bulls can be very misunderstood. What would you like people to know about Pit Bulls? Pit Bulls are by nature very kind and very gentle. The way people think about me after they read my Blogging is what I truly am and what most of us really are.

Why do you and your people support 2Dogs2000Miles? Who would not support you after they learn about you? Oops….. Mom says that sounded smarty pants. Sorry.

We support you because “We Have a Dream”. We believe that there will be a CAUSE for Cancer discovered because of all of Luke and Hudson and Murphy’s thousands of miles of walking. And we believe that when the CAUSE for Cancer is found, then the CURE for Cancer will come racing right along behind.

Our Daisy-Girl had an awful tumor on her heart and this caused her to cross The Rainbow Bridge much sooner than she would have. If I --- me --- Bob ---- can do even one tiny little thing to help with our dreams coming true, then I will use all of my stubborn side to do it. Soon.
Who is Lily? After Daisy died it was very sad in our home. I did feel like I had lost my bestest friend ever and I didn’t know what I was going to do. My Mom said the loneliness was pouring out of our houses and then we found out about Lily. And the sunlight started coming back. Since Lily is (like Daisy was)…. The 4-legged daughter of my sister, Lydia, then that makes her my Niece. I really do feel like Uncle Bob this time, because Lily is so small and I am almost two years old so I am all grown up and ready for that responsibility.

Lily is 9 weeks old and she is an English Bull Dog. She was born in Big Stone Gap, Virginia and her true name is Lewsen’s Lily of the Valley. She has a full set of very sharp baby teeth.

Your people have been some of our best donors to 2Dogs and we really thank them. Why do you think they do this? We want to help however we can, and since we aren’t on the Walking Trail, we thought some money would come in handy to help the research. If we were closer to where Mr. Luke is walking, we would come and walk with him. I really like Hudson and Murphy and I would like to meet them sometime. And also when we donate to help this cause, we also have a way to remember all of our wonderful clients who passed away. We try to help get their names onto Luke’s shirts.

You sent us some wonderful pictures. Who is the person who took your pictures? Our wonderful photo grapher (that's what Daisy called her -- a picture taking person: photo grapher) is Bev Hollis and her web site is You should take a few minutes to play with your Mouse Person, get him in a good mood and then ask him to help you look at Bev's photos. You can look at the Puppy Series section under my name (me -- BOB) We would like it very, very much if you added our Miss Bev (who is also a vet doctor) to our Circle of Friends. I used to be her Main Man until Baby Lil came along. Poor me, tossed aside for a prettier face.

I know dogs are very philosophical beings. Do you have a particular philosophy about Life you’d like to share with our readers? My goal in life is to have friends and to love them. My goal is to take care of my family of four-legs and my 2-legged family too. My goal is to learn to Dance and then never to stop dancing. Maybe I didn’t think this philosophy up all by my self, because if you ask your Mouse Person to put two-words (Keep Dancing) into the Google Machine, you will see how many writers and other people use those words to encourage others to always move forward even when times are hard. But maybe your readers don’t understand that dogs can dance, and that we believe in the really, truly meaning of those words! I wonder if I can get a bracelet that says “Keep Dancing”?

From a dog’s point of view, if you could make people understand one thing about cancer, what would it be? Because you are people and have two legs and opposable thumbs, you have the ability to STOP cancer. Maybe not in my lifetime, and certainly not in the lifetimes of all the wonderful dogs who currently suffer from this awful thing -- but soon. Everyone who is doing research needs to start working together and getting along with each other. If all of the research people would forget about the prize and think about the reason they were doing the research in the first place, I think the solution would come much faster.

If you could make humans understand one thing about dogs, what would that one thing be? Dogs have the basic nature and ability to get along with each other unless people teach them not to do that. Too bad people are not more like us.

Very special thanks to Patti Best for her help in translating Pit Bull to English. Please visit Bob, Lily, Princess Daisy, and Patti at:

Thanks, Bob! Puppy up!


wolfwatcher said...

I subscribe to Daisy and Bob's's great! And I totally LOVE Bob.
Bob is not only an awesome reporter, a clown and has a heart full of love, but he's a perfect ambassador for our maligned PitBulls!
I can see, however; that Bob will have his paws full as Lily grows and might want to blog too...:)

Cheri Block Sabraw said...

Well, my son Ben walked the entire Pacific Crest Trail in 2001, so I am attracted to the trek motif, if you will. And, as the consummate dog aficionado, I will enjoy coming back to read this blog.
My beloved Udo (Rottie) died of cancer. When I bought my new dog, Dinah, I put her on an organic diet, sort of a California thing.
Thanks for these creative posts.
Cheri Block Sabraw