Monday, August 11, 2008

Quick News

"The Pack is Back!" Luke reports tonight, August 11, that Murphy's X-rays show he has healed well and will be back on the road with Luke and Hudson this week as they travel through Memphis. Many thanks to all who have expressed concern and sent good wishes to the Dynamic Trio.

More good news. Momma Pit (previous story) has found a home and is taking well to her new digs. We're still trying to find transportation for the puppies (five of them) from Arkadelphia, Arkansas to Sallisaw, Oklahoma where they will be sheltered until new homes are found for them. If you can help with transportation or know someone who can, please contact Kathy at


Jerry G Dawg said...

Murphy, that is AWESOME!
You guys look great. Keep on keepin' on friends. We think of you every day. Be well.

Jerry, Rene & Jim

Bcarter said...

I just discovered your story and I love the idea of what you are doing. As a child we lost my first dog to Uterine cancer and discovered the problem too late to save her.

I built a lens on Squidoo for your cause. If you'd like to take it over, I would happily transfer it to you.

Vicki Tankersley said...

I'm so happy Murphy's X-ray results are so positive! You guys are the "Dynamic Trio" and I'm so glad Momma Pit found a home and the puppies finally made it to the Sallisaw, OK where they will surely find placement in their "forever homes".

We love you here in Oregon!
Vicki Tankersley

Vicki Tankersley said...

Brenda, I just logged onto You have Set up a beautiful page (or, lens?) for 2 Dogs 2000 Miles.

My condolences over the loss of your dog to uterine cancer. No matter what form cancer rears it's ugly head, it is the most devastating disease on the planet.