Tuesday, August 19, 2008

The Mighty Mississippi

Today around 2:30 pm Hudson, Murphy, and I are crossing the Mississippi River. It perfectly punctuates the 600 plus miles we've traveled over 5 months. The river ranks as the tenth largest in the world and the fourth longest, spanning from Minnesota to the Gulf of Mexico. Roughly half of all water in the U.S. drains into the Mississippi. Nothing short of awesome!

ABC News plans on being there to cover the historic occasion and I've been invited to come and talk about the experience and the walk on Channel 3 Live at 9 Wednesday morning.

If you'd like to join the greeting party on the Memphis side of the bridge, here are directions:

"Take the “Ornamental Metal Museum” exit 12C off of I-55 just before you cross over the Bridge headed into Arkansas. There is a dirt Road just North of the Bridge park there where you can park and walk up the steps to the base of the Bridge. Watch for the No Trespassing sign on the dirt road and avoid parking past the sign. "

Wish us luck!


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