Sunday, August 31, 2008

Happy Labor Day Weekend!

The boys and I spent Wednesday through Friday on the road (our first nights in a tent together as a pack since Mother's day!!!) and we stopped just west of Whitesville, TN for the weekend. It's a working holiday though for me - I have over a dozen blogs to post and hope to get them all up tomorrow. To avoid confusion, I'll start sequentially with our travels through southern Arkansas, down in the delta, and then to Memphis.

Also, the website's being revamped and we have lots of exciting news to announce. Have a hoot and some hollers this weekend.

Safe travels, friends and family...

Hudson, Murphy, and Yer Big Dog

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Vicki Tankersley said...

Hi YBD, I'm having some technical problems getting my message through this a.m., so if I have sent this message twice, please delete one of them.

Glad to hear you are just west of Whiteville, TN and ARE SAFE & SOUND. I try to track you via my handy Rand McNally map and I left a comment on the volunteers group asking why the Community Map showing your route hasn't been updated since Madison, Arkansas.
I feel it's important to keep on top of this as it shows the newcomers where you are "NOW". I'd be willing to do the updating, but if someone else has that responsibility, then that's fine, too.

We sure wish we live close to your route, but we're stuck here in Oregon.

Have a safe and happy holiday!

All our love,
Blazer, Kimber & Vicki T