Saturday, February 23, 2008

Whole Earth Provision

Whole Earth Provision was kind enough to donate a backpack to our journey. But they didn't just donate a backpack. This is the 'James Bond Aston Martin' of packs: the Osprey. "Q" himself could've designed it. As I learn all it's secrets and mysteries on the road, I'll share them in a series of Gear Check videos.

I got my first tutorial, however, from Ted, the Gear Lead at Whole Earth's San Antonio store. Not only did he custom fit the Osprey pack on me but was a fount of information about all the many ways we can use and adapt it for our purposes. Ted even showed me how I could carry my seven iron (the only golf club I know how to hit) with me. That's him and the backpack on the right.

Pictured below are Max (left) and Mike (right). These guys know all things socks and shoes and they helped me understand how to protect what Colin Fletcher referred to as the foundation of walking. I'm no good to myself or my boys with injured feet so their input was invaluable.

Max also regaled me with a story about a journey he recently took, circumnavigating all of Ireland on foot - that's 1450 kilometers or approximately 900 miles of coastline for the S.I. impaired.

I learned a lot from all the folks at Whole Earth Provision and feel very fortunate that they have made Hudson, Murphy, and me a part of their family. Thanks also to Randall (Assistant Manager pictured top left in front of their very stylish San Antonio store) and David, too. And to Tanis Jones who also gave the boys a rocket launcher for the walk!

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