Saturday, February 23, 2008


We had to postpone the cookout til Sunday due to decidedly dreadful conditions but boy, was it worth the wait. We couldn't have asked for a more auspicious day not only from the sunny, sixty degree weather but the turnout was great, too. We had four 3-legged beauties show up, three of which are in the photo left (Becky & Cassidy, Jim & Jerry, and Kathy & Rocky).

In addition to all of the wonderful people and pets we had there, the very righteous Bare Naked Family showed up. I can't say enough about them. The father, Greg, was an exec with Dell back in the day working out of Microsoft's Redmond campus, an ideal life he and his lovely wife, Jenn, decided to trade in for a more idyllic one. The sold their stuff, bought an RV, and roamed the roads of this great country of ours until recently settling back in Austin.

Their son Austin and his friend, James, came a'packin their guitars and graced our cookout with a couple of tunes. They even dedicated a song to the walk entitled quite appropriately, "Walking Down the Line". I captured most of it on my camera. Quite an unplugged performance, mates! Not sure what Murphy was doing - maybe he thought he was part of the show? Or perhaps he just wants to be their roadie...

Janet and Brian (and their baby, Bella pictured right bottom), the folks at Living Arts Bakery, brought delicious scones and pastries.

Jim, Rene, and Jerry from Tripawds also came bearing gifts. Prior to traveling to Austin, they were in Florida and visited the manufacturer of Syn-Flex, who generously donated two bottles of their liquid glucosamine which were raffled. They also sent bandanas which the boys wore with pride.

Kicking back and reflecting afterwards, I couldn't help but feel that we drew the finest crowd to the cookout. Thank you to everyone who joined us, brought their lovely dogs, shared their stories, helped out, came out to show their support, cooked and contributed food.

From left: Eric, James, Austin, Shiva (poking her big ole Great Dane head into the frame), next to an even Bigger Dog, Kesley, Jenn, Trixie, Greg, Jerry, and Sunny!


lisa said...

A good time was had by all, that's for sure! woo hoo and woof!woof! :)
l & C

Jerry said...

A good time indeed! Hopefully our paths will cross again later in the journey and we can have you and the boys over to the rig for another sleepover. Until then, keep on keepin' on ...

PS: Don't miss our Interview with the Big Dog movie.

Verysupercool Sue said...

What an awesome day we had for the cookout! I enjoyed seeing the boys again and it was great to finally meet Jerry! He's a verysupercool dog too! Only a few more weeks before the launch, it's very exciting!