Sunday, February 10, 2008

Animal Cancer Foundation

It's humbling the outpouring of support for our journey but we're only walking 2,300 miles. Some of history's greatest travelers are scientists and their quest never ends.

Dr. Geral Post, a veterinarian oncologist of national repute, began a similar quest when he started the Animal Cancer Foundation in 1998. Their mission is developing and funding research that advances the prevention and treatment of cancer for people and pets.

When we had the good fortune to meet back in December, I asked him to put together a list of five of the most pressing areas of research needed right now. Epidemiological studies was one such topic and on a conference call, we discussed it further. No one knows exactly what types of canine cancers are occuring around the country, how common they are, and how fast they're growing.

As stunning as it may seem in this Age of Information, such a comprehensive nationwide study has never been conducted mainly because it's expensive. I think I can help out with that was my response. Since then I've spent some time with him and his right hand, Charlotte Lee, and recently they invited me to participate in ACF's last board meeting. Though it seemed more like I 'bribed' them with the cookies and creme cake I had delivered for the occasion.

No doubt about it, they're perfect partners for us and we've taken that one step further. On the Contributions page on our website, you can now make donations directly to ACF on behalf of 2 Dogs 2,000 Miles and they'll keep those funds restricted for this monumental study we're all working towards.

We look forward towards a long and successful relationship with Dr. Post, Charlotte, and the Animal Cancer Foundation.

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