Friday, February 29, 2008

Meet Marilyn (and Crockett, too!)

She has generously volunteered to take over the technology aspect of the walk and that's no small order - the website, the Flickr Memorial Wall, Blog, and our new mapping system which should launch soon. Boy are we glad our paths crossed but not only because of her help but because she has vast experience with working with volunteers and for dog causes, too!

Marilyn is a retired federal webmaster and was recommended to me for her work coordinating a large group called The Stealth Volunteers that reunited over 1,000 Katrina animals with their missing families. She's also an incredibly dynamic person often taking trips that included a Shakespeare play, Prague before the Velvet Revolution, and a safari to Tanzania where she heard a lion roar while camping in a tent. In her youth she rode her bicycle from the Pacific to the Atlantic.

I have not yet had the pleasure of meeting Marilyn in person, but I can tell she is pretty laidback with a good sense of humor and she attacks the projects she cares about with great zest and zeal. Marilyn says she spent roughly her first 25 years in Indiana, the next 25 in Chicago and at present she lives in the Texas Hill Country where she follows the San Antonio Silver Stars and the Indiana Hoosier basketball. GO IU! (She made me put that in here).

Marilyn recently conscripted the help of a volunteer friend of hers, Aaron, who has always been an animal lover, actively campaigning for pets since 2000, locally and online. His household consists of 2 dogs (Noel is in the photo), one of which is a shelter rescue, one rescue cat, and 10 birds, 4 of which are rescues. He's also the volunteer coordinator for the non-profit, Missing Pet Partnership and hopes soon to help start disaster relief for pets in his area. Aaron lives in Maple Valley, Washington - just 35 miles south of Seattle. Thanks for your help, mate!

If you'd like to help Marilyn and Aaron with any of the tech stuff you can contact her at . Thanks to both of you for generously giving up your time and energy. Our success will be due in no small part to your efforts.

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