Wednesday, April 10, 2013

What Do You Call Cancer?

Even though I wrote the Title of Chapter Five of 'The Rock', a long time ago, I now find myself lost.  Very lost.  I've typed, re-typed it to the point that I'm creepily seemingly like Jack Torrance from the Shining.  Typing away and none of it seems to make sense.  

And yet the Chapter needs a title.  

But it made me think. Most nearly everyone has been through this, so what would you call that chapter in your life?  I'd like to hear.  

Title or not, Chapter Five of The Rock continues this Friday...


Anonymous said...

If I was to title this chapter I would title it the way it made me feel. Sure, it may not be pleasant but then again neither is cancer.

Anonymous said...

i call cancer the sissy that my boston won't let get him down