Sunday, January 30, 2011

Tumor Juices

It was never my intention to be deliberately or overtly critical of some of our friends on Facebook in my previous post - I was merely making an observation and a curiously funny parallel between a mock reality show and Murphy's tragic circumstances.

In hindsight I suppose it had a kind of twisted desperate hilarity to it like when my brother Mark referred to Murphy's nasal drainage as 'tumor juices', as in "You can stay in our house just don't get tumor juices all over it."

Later on when we were watching a Spurs game downstairs we heard a racket up in the guest bedroom where Hudson and Murphy slumbered. "What's that noise?" he asked anxiously.

I wryly replied, "It's probably those tumor juices congealing, organizing into a humanoid that'll take your kids away". Mark, having clearly watched way too much Sy Fy channel in his lifetime, said without hesitation, "I've seen it happen, man."

Some days I don't know whether it's absolute clarity or madness I see... whether I'm hearing the voice of God or haunted by Marlon Brando talking about a snail crawling on a razor's edge.

But I do try to keep humor about me. I'm starting to understand that it rarely translates unless you've had me in your home, know our entire story, and maybe even call us your own.

While I'll try to do better and be less esoteric, what a great title for a cartoon 'Tumor Juices'. If I could only draw...


Sherie Smith said...

Luke, YOU JUST BE YOURSELF!! That's the adventurer we all came to love, the brother some of us never had, the buddy we'd like to have at our backs, the fighter who has the courage we all desire, the friend who understands and shares our undying love for our animal-children and the spiritual soul we want as a prayer warrior. Plus throw in a touch of humor, entertainment, appreciation of the arts and all-things knowledge! Don't worry about how you come across or if someone doesn't 'get it'...just keep your eye on the bigger picture...the cause!

Bob said...

You should send your picture and comment to our friends at can't guarantee, but perhaps they can come up with a Tumor Juices cartoon for you and Mr. Murph.

Bob, Pitbull Boy Reporter Extra Ordinary

Anonymous said...

Oh Luke what a greart blog post this is. I am laughing and that is good as we both know laughter is good medicine and good for the soul. A cartoon would not need to have precise lines so I say go for it. Please hang in there. You, Hudson & Murphy are in my prayers. HUGS to all of you. Georgia PS. even though you haven't been in my home I do see you all as family.