Tuesday, January 18, 2011

20 Stones: Unchartered Territories

I keep forgetting that our new friends and followers might be unfamiliar with the history of the Stone Series… my bad. Here are links to the first two posts; 61 Stones; 61 Stones 2

We’re camping out at Somerville Lake tonite on our way to Texas A&M Vet School where Murphy will receive his first dose of chemotherapy tomorrow.

It wasn’t an easy decision I assure you and it was one that’s bedeviled by my own personal doubts, a deficiency of scientific data, disagreements in treatment approaches, and a limited number of drugs to choose from.

But we’ve been in unchartered territories ever since the first round of IMRT failed, Murphy’s cancer spread, and he underwent a second course of radiation.

I suppose most would’ve given up by now but Murphy and I are no strangers to the unknown or the insurmountable.

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Siku Marie, White Dog said...

You know in your hearts what to do! Follow your course and know that you are not alone! Sending energy and hope.