Friday, March 19, 2010

Murphy Miles

What are Murphy Miles? Here's the scoop ...

Murphy had to be sidelined a few times during the walk. Once at the beginning, even before they were out of Texas, we had a big cancer scare and thought Murph might have osteo in his leg. After many many tests, tears and weeks of waiting it turned out to be a hairline fracture so he was put on home-rest with friends Lori and Silas for almost a month and didn’t walk with Luke and Hudson until they arrived in Memphis and met Mommy Ginger.

There was also the time when Murphy indulged in something he shouldn’t have and as a result had some stomach problems and had to be sidelined again.

And then there was that time he and Hudson were roughhousing and he bunged-up (a medical term) his shoulder, so once again he was left behind to heal. So Murphy has lost about 500 miles while on the injured list.

Luke had a brainstorm some time ago about asking other people and their dogs to help make up these lost Murphy miles. What we’re asking you to do is log miles for Murphy. Send me a photo of your dog(s) and you (if you like) and I’ll post the photo with the miles you log for Murphy. Send me updates of miles, and each time you log some more miles for Murphy I'll put them up right here on the blog. We'll have a running total and see how many miles we can get for Murphy before he reaches Boston.

Send me a photo of your pup(s) and your miles to or I'll let you know when they go up on the blog. As you log more miles, send me the new miles and I'll add them to the ones already posted.

Simple, really.

Oh, and Murphy says, “Thank you!”

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