Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Jax Has Been Found!

Long-time friend and supporter of Luke and The Boys, Lorri Hare, reported that her Golden Retriever was missing. His name and info went up all over -- blogs, Facebook, Twitter. After several days of being missing, Jax has been found, safe, and has come home to his family! Thanks to all who cross-posted his information. Welcome Home, Jax!


Dot said...

OMG - what a handsome boy. Hope someone finds him and brings him home. ;-(

Amy (Angel Thunders Mom) said...

OK here is one we recently found

I am going to get in touch with Sue and find out how we can get a Blog site setup along with the maps and tracking of sittings. We need an email contact to help out. Because I have been through this before it is a long and emotional process. But Sue got Tundie back and I got Chelsea back, she was gone for 2 months.

Please email me at