Tuesday, March 16, 2010

2 Dogs 2000 Miles 2 Years

As they make their way through Bridgeport, CT., it’s been 2 years today, March 16 (2008) that Hudson, Murphy, and Luke set out on foot from Austin, Texas with their packs, good walking shoes (and booties), and the goal of sharing their story and telling people about the growing epidemic of canine cancer.

In their 2 years and over 2000 miles on the road, they’ve encountered recluse spiders, misquotes with the appetites of velociraptors, tainted Twinkies, evil-eyed squirrels, bottle throwing truckers, dangerous storms, irate Church ladies, personal injuries, and a host of other obstacles. Luke, more than once, has been taken for homeless and occasionally taken for dead. One person even called the police to report his body being picked over by “two white varmints” feasting on his carcass. Despite it all, they have made a remarkable network of friends, supporters and allies from around the country and followers from all over the world. The Boys just recently made it to Connecticut, their 14th state, crossing choppy seas on a ferry to a welcoming host family on the other side. They’ve been lucky to have many host families and sponsors who have kept them warm and dry and safe when conditions have gotten severe. A friend calls this “Trail Magic” and she’s right.

Over the miles Luke has had the opportunity to talk with hundreds of people about their experiences with cancer – in their animals and other loved ones. He’s spoken with veterinarians, shelter and rescue groups, breeders, nutritionists, holistic practitioners, and individuals about their theories and speculations, and in that time his vision had broadened and his perspective widened. While his focus remains on educating people about the escalating crisis of canine cancer, his growing understanding of the immensity of the problem has also brought him to the realization that the potential for true collaboration between animals and humans may lie in the emerging science of comparative oncology.

As The Boys make their way to Boston it’s clear that this is just the beginning of Luke’s lifelong dedication – not only to finding what took his beloved Malcolm from him but how he can bring others together in the true spirit of people genuinely cooperating for the good of everyone so that there is less suffering and loss.

Congratulations, Boys! You’re almost home. No doubt Hudson and Murphy will breathe a sigh of relief and then want to go out shopping for a nice king sized bed to share with their Papi. No more tents for a while. But you can bet that Boston is only the beginning for these three and the thousands of others who have come together because one man had the courage and resolve to Puppy Up! and make a difference.


Anonymous said...

Luke, Murphy and Hudson:
You are doing it!!! Almost home and just think of the thousands of hearts you have touched along the way. Your message has reached so many and you have sparked a fire in so many of us to walk with you, learn with you and support you in your journey and your mission!!
Love, Patty Gartmann

LiveWorkDream said...

Hard to believe it's been two years since the 2 Dogs 2000 Miles Kickoff BBQ in Austin where Jerry got to meet the boys and we all had a slumber party with three people and three big dogs in our 24' trailer. What a long strange trip its been, indeed. Please know we've been with you in spirit the whole way. Keep on keepin' on ...