Thursday, November 19, 2009

Why Can't I Go Wif U, Papi?

After roughhousing a little too much with Brother Hudson the other day, Murphy has been side-lined for a week while he recovers. After some exuberant playing, Murphy was favoring his leg and limping. It's the same leg he had problems with much earlier in the walk, so Luke is taking no chances. Murph is on something for pain and he's staying with friends and host family Dawn and Andy Donelson, so he's in good hands. But it's hard to watch Hudsy and Papi hit the open road and be left behind, even for a little while. Get well soon, Murphy. Papi and Hudson need you!


Rosie said...

Rest up and get well, Murphy. I am praying for your recovery and for Luke and Hudson. I can't wait to meet you when you come to Providence, RI next April.

Dawn Donelson said...

I remember the time with all of you! It was great! Hope to do it again...with Ginger too!
Great meals, talks and fun!