Sunday, November 15, 2009

Recent News - November 15

As they make their way steadily towards Philadelphia, with their arrival set for Thanksgiving, Luke, Hudson, and Murphy took some time from the road this week due to torrential downpours. This was after the close encounter of the third kind with the local constabulary in Newark, Delaware. Some ever-vigilant Newarkian spotted The Boys settling down for the night off the road and away from traffic and civilization and decided to call the cops. After the police checked them out and decided they were not a threat to the civilizations of Newark or Delaware or The Eastern Seaboard, they advised our friends they could stay the night (how gracious) but must be gone by dawn’s early light or it would be off to the hoosegow with them. So early the next morning, Luke packed up and they set out, only to be caught in the rain. Murphy hates rain, so he insisted they catch a ride to a local motel. So, with Murphy’s allowance, they caught a cab to a Red Roof Inn, dried out and settled down. Hudson hogged the remote and watched Animal Planet all day. And as you can see, Murphy enjoyed lounging on the bed.

Today, Luke and The Boys participated in the 2009 Philadelphia Memory Walk. Luke posted on his Facebook page: “I was unable to join my brothers in San Antonio in September for the memory walk in honor of my mom. She was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s shortly before we began our cross-country trek. I was too far away so I asked a few friends to walk for me but it didn't work out. At Red Roof Inn Wednesday night I saw a commercial for the memory walk in Philadelphia this Sunday. Turns out a supporter is coming this way so I'll be participating in it. Thanks Marei!”

And, in the news, Hudson, Murphy and Luke are featured on The Royal Pet Club blog.

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