Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Thanksgiving Live Video!

Live Video Feed on Thanksgiving Evening!

Hudson, Murphy and Luke will be doing a live video feed Thanksgiving evening from their tent! Time is 9PM EST, 8 CST, and … well, you get the picture – or you will! You’ll be able to see The Boys live from their tent, and type in questions for Luke to answer. You’ll be able to hear his responses as well. He won’t see or hear us (so you can stay on the comfy couch as you recover from Thanksgiving dinner), but we’ll see and hear him and be able to interact via the web. Simply log in as a “guest” using a screen name of your choice. It’s easy and should be a lot of fun. If this works out, Luke would like to do more video feeds for the remainder of the walk. So, come join us Thanksgiving evening at 9PM EST!

Have a Great Thanksgiving and puppy up!

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