Sunday, February 1, 2009

Power Points and Presentations in Louisville, KY

Luke and the Boys have been very busy, as usual, even though the weather in Kentucky has been abysmal. When they’re not out on the road, they have been at several functions including the event organized by Cheri Hildreth at The Brown and Williamson Club in Louisville, Kentucky. Luke gave a Power Point presentation (to download the presentation, visit our home page and, under Past Events click on the link “power point presentation.” We hope to have a video of this presentation available for you soon.) Luke's presentation was very well received. Notice even Hudson and Murphy are paying very close attention to what their Papa is saying.

Also attending the event was a panel of three local veterinarians, Drs. Scott Campbell, Tom Day, and Lara Day. Dr. Campbell,(pictured with Murphy), a veterinary internist, talked extensively about the bond between man and dog, the importance of once a year routine check-ups before the age of 8 and check-ups (some vets call these geriatric exams) at least twice a year for companions over the age of 8, the value of early detection and treatment, determining treatment options and planning the stages of treatment, and the criteria for determining quality of life. Dr. Tom Day, board certified in pain management, discussed the fact that dogs, because of their survival instinct, often hesitate in showing pain, and may well have a higher threshold for pain. He pointed out that, because of this, it can be more difficult to determine if your companion is suffering from cancer (or any other illness for that matter) -- another reason for yearly check-ups. He discussed pain management and options. Next, his wife, Dr. Lara Day (pictured with her husband and The Boys) , a veterinarian who specializes in alternative medicine and acupuncture, discussed alternative treatment options (which are becoming more readily available for our companions) and the use of alternative therapies and acupuncture in treatment. All three veterinarians gave informative and thoughtful presentations and we thank them for their participation. Special thanks too to Cheri Hildreth for making the event possible. If you'd like more information on the practice of Drs. Tom & Lara Day, please follow this link: .

By the way, Murphy would like everyone to know that he was yawning only because it had been a really long day!

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