Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Purple People Bridge Crossing -- Kentucky to Ohio

No kidding! There really is a Purple People Bridge that spans the Ohio River, from Kentucky to Ohio, and Luke and the Boys, along with the Crew from KISS 107 FM, will be crossing it Friday, March 6th at noon. To find out where the Purple People Bridge is, please follow this link. We invite everyone to come out, bring your dogs, your cameras and your camcorders to mark another historic bridge crossing!

This bridge used to be the former L&N Railroad Bridge between Newport, Kentucky and Cincinnati, Ohio. It reopened as a pedestrian walkway. The "Purple People Bridge" is the longest connector of its kind in the country that links two states. The bridge is 2,670 feet, or just over a half a mile long, and has been redesigned to provide an easy way for people (and dogs!) to move between the two states

By the way, the more sedate name for the bridge is the Newport Southbank Bridge. But don't you think Purple People Bridge is a lot more fun?

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