Friday, January 30, 2009

Vote Luke Robinson for Pet Person of the Year!

This just in from the 2Dogs2000Miles camp ...

Luke Robinson was recently named one of the Top 10 "Not So Ordinary" Pet People by Read the article here.

Zootoo is conducting a contest where the person with the most votes will be named the ZooToo Pet Person of the year. Would you please take the time to vote for Luke, Hudson and Murphy? Voting ends on Feb. 10, 2009 so vote now and tell a friend!

You do not have to sign up to become a member of Zootoo in order to vote for Luke and the boys, however if you decide to become a member please consider naming the Bowling Green Warren County Humane Society as your shelter. ZooToo is having a Million Dollar Makeover contest and the shelter with the most points wins. By naming the Bowling Green HS as your shelter they will receive additional points.

Luke was recently in Bowling Green and the Humane Society there took very good care of him and the boys. There were a couple of days that the "boys" were stuck out in bad weather and the Executive Director of Humane Society either sent a staff member or a volunteer to pick them up and take them to a nice warm place to stay.

If you are a ZooToo member, be sure to become friends with 2Dogs2000miles and Tripawds!

Thank you for your support.

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