Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Pictures From The Road

Luke has been taking some great pictures from the road and uploading them through Twitter. These are some he's taken recently while on the road in Kentucky. Enjoy!

The first is a photo-op of Hudson and Murphy -- notice they just happened to stop outside a BBQ restaurant. Coincidence?

The next two pictures were taken when Luke and the Boys were sitting out some bad weather just after the new year. Thanks to the generosity of our friend Susan Benedict, Professor of Nursing at the Medical University of South Carolina in Charleston, Luke and the Boys were treated to four nights in a hotel room while they were in Bowling Green. Susan lost her heart dog, Jonah Bear, to bone cancer before his 5th birthday, 5 years ago, and in honor of his memory she graciously provided a Red Roof over The Boys’ heads for four nights. Susan currently has two Pyrs, Lily Bear and Bailey. We’d like to thank her for her generosity and wish her well on her upcoming year in Botswana. I have invited her to write a bit about herself, her dogs, and her upcoming journey for the blog and hopefully she’ll be able to find time to send me something before she goes. She’s leaving mid-January and we wish her a smooth trip and safe stay!

The fourth picture is of a little girl named Olivia who insisted the Boys were "Bubbas." "I want to see the Bubbas!" she insisted. Her delight in meeting The Boys is evident.

Finally, the last shot is of Hudson as "The cow whisperer."

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