Monday, September 29, 2008

Parrot Heads Part I

Some of you may remember back in Texas we met a feller named Jackie Bryant, the founding member of the North East Texas Parrothead Club, one of many around the country. Is that like the Order of the Bleating Sheep you ask? Your guess was as good as mine.

As I was soon to learn, Parrotheads are Jimmy Buffet fans but to say they're just that is hugely limiting. Their slogan is "Party with a Purpose" and man do they deliver on both promises. These guys are always finding ways to help organizations and have fun during the process and giving to charitable causes is a requirement. You can't even start a chapter without making that commitment. According to Wikipedia, they collectively raised $2.2 million for charities in 2005 and devoted thousands of volunteer hours, too.

Jackie connected us to the Memphis Club and outside of the animal lover world, I couldn't imagine meeting a more giving and good-hearted group of people. Mark and Brandy, one of the families we stayed with there were the most gracious of hosts. They introduced us to Karen (their President) and her husband, Russell. More to come on this cast of characters and some of the cool stories of our time together while in Memphis...

Even though they don't have a Parrothead Club for the Homeless, I consider myself a lifelong member and can't wait to meet more of them along our travels.

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Joellyn said...

As a member of the Binghamton, NY parrothead club- Pirates of the Susquehanna- I am proud to say that we raised $250 for 2dogs2000miles and donated it earlier this year.
Joellyn Lazarek