Monday, September 1, 2008

Arkansas in Reflection I

"The Buzz Buzz Show" That's the title of the chapter covering the first stretch of Arkansas. That's me and Buzz - he was one of the two dogs at our host family's home in Texarkana. His big brown eyes and sweet disposition would melt the hardest of hearts.

Then there's his brother, Thatcher, a fifteen pound Schnauzer. Sure, sure he looks cute and innocent but this little guy was the fourth Reich. He told Hudson when he could eat his food, bossed Murphy around, and when the boys and I spent a night sleeping in their backyard, he terrorized our tent, pouncing and peeing on it!

Don't get me wrong - Scott and Sara and their terrific children Abbott and Shelby were gracious and generous hosts and they took good care of Murphy. Still, I'm not sure if instead I'll go with my alternative title to this chapter: Thatcher the Terrible.

All kidding aside, our deepest thanks to the Lawrences for being such a pivotal part of the story.

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Vicki Tankersley said...

Hahaha... well, I'm glad to hear that Buzz treated you well (he looks so cute with you in that photo), but Thatcher! What a little monster dog (Alpha Man all the way). It's so great to get all of these updates today. We all know you are trying so hard and it's so special when you take the time to share some of your trip details with us.
I, personally, just eat it all up!

Stay safe and take care!

puppy up!

Blazer, Kimber & Vicki