Monday, July 14, 2008

WOW! What A Party! Thanks!

Talk about a party. I’m now seven years old. Notice the candles are in the shape of a seven. Just two days before my birthday, I received the best gift ever; a great report from the vet. To say that everyone is in the mood to celebrate would be an understatement. There have been hugs and kisses galore, music and singing, tasty food and gifts, good wishes and prayers of thanks. We had a great day. My three new foster family pyrs, (Samson, Delilah and Thor) joined the party to make it a special day. Papa made us all a homemade chicken supper and a yummy peanut butter cake for dessert.

He helped me open all my birthday wishes and spent the whole day playing with us.

During all the fun Papa learned a very important lesson. If you sit on the floor in the middle of five Great Pyrenees with peanut butter cake, there won’t be any left when you finally mange to get up. We had a blast!

Thanks to everyone for the birthday wishes and pictures. I’d love to meet you all, so please come out to see us whenever you can. I know, meet us in Downtown Memphis on Saturday August 2nd for a ceremonial walk at 5pm and Hudson’s birthday at The Majestic Grille restaurant at 145 S. Main Street. That way you can give us both birthday hugs and have your pictures taken with us. See you in Memphis. Until then…Puppy Up! Love Murphy


Jerry G Dawg said...

Hey hoppy birthday! A peanut butter cake sounds deeeeeelicious!

And congrats on the good report card too. You rock.

Jerry, Jim & Rene

Mark said...

Hey what is that in the picture? 2 or maybe 3 vacuum cleaners!! Gotta be a Pyr Pile for sure!!

Have Fun, Mark