Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Can You Help Find Errol?

We have something very important to share with you, in hopes that some of you in the area of Meridian, Mississippi might be able to help.

I got an email today from Jonette Jones. Remember when Luke helped with the Applebees’ “Pancakes for Pets” breakfast June 14th? Well, Jonette was one of the folks there as well. She wrote me today asking for our help:

Luke helped at the Applebees’ pancake breakfast here and I'm hoping you can use your site to get info out for us. Donna Hinkle's daughter, Destiny, was headed home to Hope, Arkansas July 4 when she was in a wreck.

Our male Irish Wolfhound, Errol, was in the wreck as well, survived, but got out of the car and into the woods in Meridian Mississippi. We have a massive search underway for him. Please help us. I'm headed to Meridian myself very soon … Donna is in Meridian with her daughter, Destiny, who is doing very well and may come home tomorrow. Here is a link to a newspaper article on the whole situation which may be easier than my trying to tell you. Thank you, Jonette Jones, Destiny's aunt.


The news article describes Errol as: a cream colored Irish Wolfhound wearing an orange collar. He is almost 35 inches tall at the shoulder and weighs 145 pounds. He also is micro chipped, which can prove his identity and ownership. Pictures of Errol can be found in his photo album on the Web site:

"Destiny was home schooled," Holmes said. "So, Errol spent every day hanging out with her while she did her school work."

Friends and family have contacted local animal control personnel, police and fire departments, and local veterinarians. They've distributed posters to try to find him.

If you are in the area or know someone who is, please ask them to be on the lookout for Errol.

Anyone with information about Errol should call Hinkle at (870) 703-3118, Amber Holmes (a family friend) at (501) 626-9247, or Jonette Jones at (870) 703-2598.

Thank you all for any help you can provide. Please feel free to distribute this widely. Hopefully Destiny and her best friend Errol will be reunited soon.

Direct link to information about and a picture of Errol.: http://www.iwclubofamerica.org/lost.htm


2 Dogs 2,000 Miles said...

Thanks for posting this Erich. I put it on myspace & we've had several reposts. My prayers are with you, Jonette and family, and while I had planned on being in Little Rock this weekend, I'll find my way to Meridian if you need me.

MyFuZZyButtZ said...

I pray this big boy will be back real soon, with lots of 'tale' to tell, wagging all the way home. ♥

Lovin' PurrZ

Eileenog said...

Anyone near enough to help... we'd like to get this boy home to Destiny ASAP.

Errol was seen at 7:30 a.m. Central time, on South Highway 19, Meridian, MS,
near the Carmel Church.
Carmel Baptist Church
1847 Hwy 19 South
Meridian, MS
There is a Great Dane bitch in heat nearby, which
the informant thinks is the attraction. (He was only recently altered.)

Some local connections of Linda Chance and Sue Sexton (major rescue figures
in the state) are out there looking, as they have been for five days, but they've
moved the search southward. Nothing like people who know the territory.

Others can contact Donna or Amber at: 870-703-3118 or 501-626-9247.

Cross-post, please.

Anonymous said...

Erich Trapp or Luke Robinson--

I heard from Jonette just now that
you and the dogs were really headed
for Meridian. Someone there who's
been putting up the friend and mother of Destiny will put you up
with your dogs or if that isn't possible, other people will find a
place for you to stay. Keep in
touch with Jonette who is en route
now to Meridian.

For your generosity, Luke, a million thanks. I am a family
friend with a sister of Errol, and
I, too, lost a dearly loved dog
(another Irish wolfhound) to
bone cancer. I hope to catch up
with you in person when you and
your guys reach New York City.

Roberta Pliner

Marie said...

Was Errol ever found?