Sunday, June 15, 2008


A wonderful company out of Canada called Neo-Paws has generously donated some smart looking shoes for The Boys! As you know, the first booties we had just weren't working out. Due to their short height, the Velcro strap tightened near the front dew claws causing constant irritation and oftentimes rubbing them raw. I had to stop using them and while we awaited the new ones we came up with the "Improvised Bootie Device" (pictured left). Psst... they were really just socks and duct tape.

What's great about Neo Paws is that they're much taller, allowing the tightest point to be higher up the legs. Plus they're made from Nylon Mesh, a soft and breathable material ideal for summer temperatures. But aside from the practical benefits, they just look good. Without fail, we get comments daily. A transit worker directing traffic just outside of Henderson saw Hudson and she whistled then said, "Damn, honey, those are some fine looking shoes!" I laughed for the next five miles.

Our thanks to Ronnie and Neo Paws - you guys are awesome!

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