Monday, June 9, 2008

Front Page News

Luke and The Boys made front page news in the Sunday, June 8th issue of the Texarkana Gazette (please follow this link to the front page story by Terri Richardson). The article details what their journey is about and is accompanied by a nice photo of Luke, Hudson, and Murphy. You can even see Hudson sporting his stylish Neo-Paws booties (which, for the life of me, look like argyle socks). A special thank you to Terri Richardson for such a terrific write-up and to all the folks of Texarkana who helped make the event possible. And, of course, always many thanks to all the 2 Dogs humans who puppied up and made the event a reality!

Pictured above are Hudson, still in Texas, Luke, standing right on the state line, and Murphy, already well into Arkansas and gazing off in the distance at Tennessee. (Photo from Main Street Arkansas.)

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