Tuesday, June 24, 2008

The Highway to Hope

Thursday June 19th around 4pm we arrived in Hope, Arkansas, the birthplace of, yeah, that guy (YBD tries to keep things non-partisan around here). Here are some photos and stories from this stretch of our journey. This is of the Lawrences home in Texarkana. Look closer at the pic and you'll see...

I awoke Saturday the 14th at 6am to the sense that something bad was brewing in the air and only minutes later, a violent wind storm hit and knocked down this 50' pin oak in their neighbors front yard, just a 100 feet from where me and the boys were sleeping. Whew!

Our first day out we were invited to pitch tent at the home of Mr and Mrs Howard. No wonder that we chose this spot under a gorgeous sycamore tree by their pond. Mrs. Howard had read about us in the Texarkana Gazette and upon seeing us on the road, stopped to photograph Hudson.

Hudson and I taking one of our frequent breaks. YBD just published our first video blog from the road. It's something we've always intended to do and can now that our operations are becoming more sophisticated. And YES, I know that (1) the Red River looks brown. It's the cheap camera I'm packing. and YES, (2) I know my singing is pretty rough but I included it because of the cute Hudson shot (I sound better live so again, it's the camera. Really!), and (3) I know the lyrics have this whole Brokeback Mountain feel to it and I haven't been on the road that long. Hope you enjoy!

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Roz said...

I loved your rendition and the scenery that accompanied it! And Hudson is one sweet audience!
Best regards & kindest thoughts,
Roz in West Fargo, ND (along another part of 'The Red').