Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Update posted by Janet Graham

Hebrews 13:2: "Be not forgetful to entertain strangers, for thereby some have entertained angels unawares."

Luke, Hudson and Murphy have passed the 100 mile mark, what a celebration!! They are now past Hearne, TX and almost to Franklin, TX. Congratulations to all!

It’s been a whirlwind journey; they have made such wonderful friends along the way. Everyone’s kindness and hospitality has amazed Luke. Hudson and Murphy as true Great Pyrenees, just soak up the attention and love every minute of it.

In Gause, TX, Luke and the boys had a wonderful time at the Gause Volunteer Fire Department fundraiser. They welcomed them in and were excited about their journey. Horseshoes and 42 were played. The food was great and the boys enjoyed all the additional attention they received. Thanks to all of you in Gause for inviting Luke and boys along for the festivities of the fundraiser.

Before reaching Hearne, TX, Luke and boys were blessed with a warm welcome from Reverend Swift. Not only did Reverend Swift offer the church for them to spend the night in, his friendship and fellowship will be treasured forever by Luke. Thank you Reverend Swift.

Soon after their visit w/ Reverend Swift, it was time to talk to the media, KBTX from Bryan/College Station, TX ran a feature on their evening newscast about Luke, Hudson and Murphy and their amazing journey. You can check out the interview and video at this link:

It is a wonderful feature segment with resident interviews and a wonderful explanation of the cancer comparison between humans and canines was explained by Dr. Heather Wilson of Texas A&M Small Animal Clinic. Below is a small expert from her interview.

We're using exactly the same drugs and techniques they're using in people. So as advances come out in people, we can also use them for dogs and also dogs serve as a good model. "We can take what we learn from dogs and apply it to people too," Dr. Heather Wilson with the Texas A&M Small Animal Clinic said. "It goes both ways."

In Hearne, TX, Luke and the boys were treated to a pampered day at the Wind Dancer Bed & Breakfast – a wonderful B&B, Texas style! Denise who owns the B&B kindly played chauffeur to Luke and the boys for their journey from the road to the B&B. Murphy was so excited at the prospect of a ‘real’ bed, he jumped up on the bed and Hudson soon joined in w/ the play.
Thanks Denise, Luke and the boys really appreciated a ‘real’ bed and the day of R&R. (

Back on the road, it was time for Hudson and Murphy to get a vet check, Dr. Hogan was wonderful to visit with and think the boys are doing great! Murphy managed to gain 2 lbs and Hudson maintained his weight. Their feet are looking great! Dr. Hogan did shave the fur on the bottoms of the feet to help them stay dryer. The pavement is getting warmer now, so it’s time for canine booties. Thanks Dr. Hogan!

They are currently heading towards Franklin, where they will meet with elementary aged children and get to tell of their amazing journey.

Keep checking back on their saga and until next time, safe journeys to Luke, Hudson and Murphy!

Until then Puppy Up!!
2dogs2000miles Team

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Anonymous said...

keep the spirits up ! i hope u wont encounter any bad weather ! here in minnesota were having snow rain and ice along with thunder and lightning! duluth mn is shut down due to blizzard conditions!

pullin for ya in mn! goldengal!