Monday, April 28, 2008

Hudson & Murphy Learn Some New Words on the Road

Shade - Something that since we're on a NNE/ENE trajectory, are almost always in search of. Kinda cute - all I have to say is 'shade' and they know right where we're going.

In the Tent - Started out as a normal part of our daily routine but since I have no other way of punishment, it's now their 'doghouse' or 'penalty box'. Though small (and stinky) we love our tent but no one likes to get sent there all alone.

Off-the-Street - My command for the dogs to get off the road. Usually exclamatory and always followed by...

@#!$% - A broad term I use when, you know, we're nearly wiped out by the guy on the cell phone or the little old lady with a glasses prescription that dates back to the Reagan years.

Snuggle, snuggle - Hudson on left, Murphy on right. Sometimes Hudson on right, Murphy on left. Then there's Hudson and Murphy both on right. Whichever way, this is how our day ends and begins.

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