Saturday, March 22, 2008

Update from Luke who is in Taylor, TX and heading toward San Gabriel

I wanted to give everyone who visits this forum an update of this week so far since the guys sat out the first half weathering some serious Mother Nature! It would seem that the Austin area was hit this week with some of it's worst weather in years-typical, eh?

Much like when I went back home to NJ (from FL) to visit family in 2003 only to get blasted with the infamous "Presidents' Day Blizzard".

My own personal thoughts on this is that whenever something really special is planned such as this walk (and my visit home in 2003 was my first in a few years) -Mother Nature decides to test you right off to make sure you're worthy, and good old "Murphy's Law" takes up residence.

Well~ the guys weathered the storms and the challenges of Murphy's Law just fine and were able to finally start putting some miles behind them -YAY! :)

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Peg said...

Glad to hear from you! I'll keep checking in to watch your progress. I'm very grateful to have been at your kick-off party and watch you & the boys go that first mile. I hope it only gets easier from here on out.