Friday, March 28, 2008

Traveling Tails

It must've been fate to reconnect with Malcolm's former veterinarian in San Antonio, Dr. Tracy Tommack. I was first turned on to her by a friend in 2003 because she had this really cool mobile vet unit which was convenient for my 7 day work week.

Truthfully, I had forgotten about Traveling Tails and was searching for a clinic nearby to weigh the boys and administer their vaccines before we left. Then I saw them in the directory and not only did they still have the van but had grown into a clinic, too.

It came of little surprise to me, though, as I was always impressed with Dr. Tommack's bedside manner and she has a Pyrenees, too! I emailed her about the walk and she drove right up curbside Thursday the 13th, gave the boys a physical examination and vaccinations, and even clipped their toenails, too. Teresa, holding Hudson in the photo, is her technician and she handled the boys expertly.

Murphy's weight - 108 pounds, Hudson clocked in at 57. Both were given a clean bill of health although the wee lad did have an infection around his groin area. I got off without his antibiotics which created some chaos during the first days of the walk but it has since healed up just fine. Thank you for everything Teresa & Dr. Tommack...

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