Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Taking Malcolm With Us

For reasons which still remain unclear to me, I put off trying to find a company willing to donate cremation jewelry for Malcolm's ashes until almost the last moment. I knew what I wanted and why.

Then I came across Everlasting Memories and their message of family and friendship spoke to me. I immediately called, talked with Donna and after pitching the walk to her, she said she would forward the information to the owners.

Within just two days, I received a kind and heartfelt letter from the founders and proprietors, Casey Doran and Brandon Jurasek, and in it they offered to donate a necklace so that I could carry Malcolm with us on our journey. I selected the sterling silver eternity keepsake shown in the photograph nearby (taken by Jennifer Hayes with the Best Friends Animal Society)

It's absolutely lovely and it hangs next to Malcolm's toenail (long story) and the Saint Francis my mother gave him years ago. Now that we're on the road, not a day passes without my 'Malcolm' moment. I place the keepsake in the palm of my hand, thank Malcolm for that spirit which was his and the mission he has given us. Thanks to Ever Memories for making that possible.

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Jerry said...

Stop making me cry. You had me at toenail ...