Monday, December 31, 2007

Rescuing Sprite Part Two

The holidays are particularly tough for me because it was around this time two years ago that Malcolm's health began failing and so today was spent in reflection and contemplation.

I finally made it past page 146 of Rescuing Sprite and finished this wonderful book. I did so sitting under a giant Maple tree which offered me not only seclusion but comfort from its majestic timber. Murphy and Hudson weren't with me, a wise decision I made since there wasn't a tearless moment throughout and they hate to see me get all weepy.

My heart goes out to Dr. Levin not only for his loss but because he only had Sprite for 26 months. Along my trails, I've met parents whose pets were diagnosed with cancer as early as 12 months and as old 16 years and what I've learned is that when you love someone eternally, having them in your life even one day short of that is not long enough.

But that didn't stop them from adopting another dog, Griffin. It was Dr. Levin's wife, Kendall, who goaded him into it really because he was reticent to take the leap and open himself up again. Like Sprite, Giffin is an older dog with health problems, too, so Dr. Levin's hesitations were understandable. But while you never know just how long it will last, the journey's the thing. Thank you to the Levin family for sharing such an endearing and heartwarming story and godspeed on your new journey.

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