Saturday, January 12, 2008

The Honest Kitchen

It is with great pride that we formally announce our pet food sponsor - The Honest Kitchen, though I'm hesitant to label their products just for pets. Not only are they 100% human-food-grade, their meals are produced in an FDA approved, human-food-producing facility in Southern California, that makes the very same foods you eat. Isn't that incredible?

And so are the ingredients they use. Let's take a look at just one of their five entrees for dogs, Force: Hormone-free chicken, organic flaxseed, potatoes, celery, sweet potatoes, apples, alfalfa, organic kelp, honey, zucchini, green beans, cabbage, bananas, papayas, yogurt, basil, garlic and rosemary.

Perhaps the greatest appeal to me though is that the meals are prepared fresh and raw and then dehydrated so all I'll have to do is add water and voila, gourmet cuisine back country style.

The Honest Kitchen also offers cookies and ice treats and supplements, too, and they were honored with the 2006 Puplife Food of the Year Award.

The first shipment of food went out yesterday so I can't wait to share more with you. Thanks again to Lucy, Cami, and the rest of the people at The Honest Kitchen for sponsoring our hike.


Verysupercool Sue said...

Hats off to Honest Kitchen! That's very generous of them to help feed the boys. I looked online and saw that their food was available at Lofty Dog, in downtown Austin, so I went down and picked up a bag today. It got a big "2 PAWS UP" at our house! Both our dog Martin, and our foster dog Captain, gobbled it down without hesitation. I gave them the vegetable/fruit mixture which kind of looked like chunky green soup after it was rehydrated. Now we just wait and see how things look tomorrow! ; )

The Big Dog said...


Thanks for supporting the Honest Kitchen. Can't wait until our first shipment arrives this week!

Verysupercool Sue said...

Just wanted to report back that everything looks great! The boys, Martin and Captain, have really had an extra spring in their step the last couple days. I added some organic short grain brown rice to the veggie/fruit mixture and it looked quite delicious! Thanks Honest Kitchen!