Saturday, June 8, 2013

Potato: The Deconstruction of Chef Big Dog

Today was the first full service of Tex-Mex Tatties to the public at Aquidineck Farmer's Market and it was really good.  People that were there the previous week when we couldn't serve food returned because the novel concept of a spicy potato pancake piqued their interest.  

And it seemed as though they loved the flavors.  I caught one of our customers licking her plate and I even offered her free tatties for a month so I could take a pic and post it, but she was too fast for me.    

Another showed up bright and early for breakfast and returned for more for lunch.  And by the end of the day, several of our menu items and sauces were sold out.  

All and all, not a bad debut even though a naughty tempest named Andrea tried to thwart our launch this week combined with all of the other obstacles we had, I wouldn't say we succeeded today so much as we shined through.

And we're just getting started....


CBD's Notes 1:  Thanks to Chef Lucky for the hard work and devotion she's given to the vision and to all of the outpouring of support from the 2 Dogs Family.  

CBD's Notes 2: Following the farmer's market today, I was celebrating at the Newport Vineyard with a glass of their 'In the Buff' Chardonnay when a waitress recognized me and said, 'Hey, I know you.'. 

'You do?', I asked thinking of Animal Planet.  Uh, no.  

'Yeah', she said, ''You're the potato guy'.  

I suppose I'm building a reputation around here for the Tex-Mex tatties but I don't know whether I've devolved from the 'dog guy' that so many radio and TV shows and newspapers referred to me as on our cross country walk into a potato guy.  Potato.  

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