Saturday, May 11, 2013

To Mom

You'll never read this because Alzheimer's took you away.  You'll never know that I became who I am in big part because of you. You'll never be proud of me for the righteous man I've become because you don't even know my name anymore.


But I do the things I do for you, mom.  You'll always be god's grace and glory to me. Dad never understood why I walked cross country for canine cancer not for your affliction.  But like a dutiful father, he supported us.  You made dad a great man. You made all of your sons great men.  As Lincoln said, you're the better angels of ourselves.  I miss you mom.


Happy Mother's Day


Anonymous said...

I knew your mom before and was blessed & then blessed again much later when I spent the afternoon with both of your parents.

Standing outside holding your moms hand while your dad showed me his many roses. Your mom even sang & danced with me - She sang 'Bushel & a peck'. I never spoke of that but wanted you to know that it meant so much.

Happy Mother's Day Bobbye! (Here's a 'hug around the neck!)

Anonymous said...

I met your Mom after her memory was fading and although she doesn't remember my name, she calls me by the names of the people she loves and that makes me happy.

I loved holding her hand last summer, singing and laughing with her as you and your Dad enjoyed hitting golf balls.