Monday, March 18, 2013

When The Chisel Strikes The Stone

A good friend of mine has had a hard time discovering their potential and it reminded me of a story about the Statue of David.  It changed history, art, and sociology, and you can read all the wikipedia yabba dabba do, but the real story is this:  

A wealthy family, the Medici's, commissioned Michaelangelo (sic) to make a statue as an homage to their great and powerfulness and their piety.  

They were like the modern day version of the Kardashians except they were merchants and provided value and weren't media whores*

Michaelangelo had a 50 year old piece of marble that was scored by others but as the story goes, he didn't touch it for months and when asked why by the Medici, his answer was, "I'm sculpting".  

We're all great writers in our own mind.  We're all great chefs in our own kitchen.  

Strike the stone, my friend.  You have all the tools now.  

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