Sunday, March 24, 2013


This weekend was the anniversary of a friend of mine's loss of her companion to cancer.

In his memory, she walked along Narragansett Bay collecting sea glass.  Now I never encountered sea glass growing up near the Gulf Coast and to the best of my recollection, it's not found on Texas beaches but I'm fascinated by it.

Like river rocks, they're sculpted over time and space.  They carry an untold history with them and, as my friend said:

"They're broken.  Just like me."

My response was, "We are all broken.  But we must get on with it."


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Anonymous said...

Seaglass and river rocks....the untold story.

Broken, yet beautiful. Each piece of glass, stone unique. Changed from a virgin
form only after being broken, tumbled around rough seas and rivers. Color, size,
shape, smoothness, texture. All re-defined through time, travels and experience.
Broken. Transformed. The resulting beauty and strength are remarkable.

"We are all Broken"......

Yes. Broken by different experiences, rough seas. Each experience as unique as
the person. Transformed from a virgin state. Beauty and strength within, waiting for that last
wave, last tumble. Yet, there may never be a last wave or tumble.

Broken, transformed. If someone should ask you, "What happened to you?", tell
them. It's your story. It's what makes you strong and makes you beautiful. It's
what makes you, You.

Finding the beauty and strength in being Broken is difficult. Find it, and as
articulated, "....get on with it". Embrace the strength you have been given through this transformation. The beauty will be discernible.

Thank you for sharing "Broken" with us. Few will ever have the courage to share
their story about being Broken. The strength and courage you have is remarkable.
I wish I had a 1000th of that courage.

ps. That's some beautiful seaglass in your photo