Thursday, December 27, 2012

Winter in the White Mountains

Once the Summer of Murphy Tour reached its conclusion we knew we had to have a stable quiet environment to edit the hundreds of hours of footage and terabytes of data into a documentary.  

And it just so happened we had some friends in one of the Easternmost reaches of the Appalachian Mountains in New Hampshire, Larry and Donna and their two kids, Grettie (a Westie) and Sophie (a Pyr).  

We've set up shop here for the winter months since it typically takes a project of this magnitude four months of editing at a bare minimum. 

And while we've only been up here a few weeks, it hasn't been 'All Work, No Play', the snow has been falling and some kinda fierce today.  Nearby is a pic of the snowball fight with me and Indiana which would've been fair if he minded snowballs in the face.  

Lil Nana thinks I was lobbing love grenades at him, god bless em.  

Hudson's having a ton of fun up here, too, and it's earned him a new moniker.  But that's another story for another time.

Hope the Holidays find you and yours well...

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