Thursday, November 1, 2012

Malcolm I Still Ask Why

Three promises I made
Before the needle stuck your vein

Years and years passed
Miles and miles steadfast

All the streets
And silver sheets

Malcolm, I still ask why


Happy Birthday.  This poem was inspired by Ozzy's 'Mama I'm Coming Home'


ra husky said...



Anonymous said...

I'm glad to see you putting what you feel into poetry again. And I'm grateful you're channeling grief into beauty. And I believe it's important to keep asking the questions. The search, entertaining mystery, will take you somewhere. Look where it's brought you and so many others already. Would you say it's a better place?

Anonymous said...

You've been a long way since the day this photo was taken...But look at you now. :)

This will always be something I do - as long as you will write it from it, I'lll come here to visit your heart when I miss it.

Press on - and take care.