Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Savage Mountain Two

On the last day of my holiday, Ginger and I met Marei at the Deal PA Trail head to see the magnificent vista from the highest point on the Great Allegheny Passage - an image forever etched in my mind and a memory with so many, many meanings to me now.  

But the intent I thought was one last grand hike before the start of our non-stop, back-to-back two month tour turned out to be a ruse.  Sort of.  As we were rounding our second mile, it was time to rest and water the fuzzybutts.  The entrance to Savage Tunnel seemed an ideal place for respite but Ginger pointed out a bench under a shade canopy that was closer.  I was some twenty paces ahead of the girls and nearing the spot when I saw some of the engraving... something about dog and a 2 and some zeroes.  

"What the hell?" I was thinking, quickening my pace.  "This is MY trail.. Who... What..."  And then it came into clear sight.  

..."Who did this?  Did you know about this?"  The two tricksters had caught up with me by that time and were giggling like a coupla school girls.  

My shock and surprise was down right and absolute and I couldn't help getting choked up from the gesture.  From the depths, thank you Ginger and Marei for immortalizing our journey at such a special place!  


Hudson awaits...

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Anonymous said...

Well, that brought tears to my eyes because I know how hard you 3 worked to get there. What a wonderful surprise.