Thursday, September 13, 2012

My Second Always

My love and admiration for Austin TX couldn't have been better exemplified by an experience I had this morning while looking for a place to breakfast by my hotel.  Yelp wasn't much help so in driving around I came upon a steely shelled structure with a simple, circular sign that said 'Biscuits and Groovy'.

It was seven til open so I sat on a picnic table and and waited trying to figure out what exactly it was.  It has wheels but isn't quite a food truck and has flower planters up front that implies permanency.  

I was first in line as the window rolled up to a slight and genial looking fellow still looking a little sleepy.  After placing my order I scrounged through my pockets only to realize much to my chagrin I left my wallet back at the hotel.  A crinkled fin and one spot was all I could find, not near enough to cover the $12 bill and I turned to go when he said I could pay him whatever I had on me.  

Despite feeling like a huge boob, I took him up on the offer and awaited my Philly Nelson and side of bacon for the fuzzybutts.  Whiling away the time on, my favorite productivity wasting pastime, a couple walked up with a stroller and three puppers, one of which seemed to be a beagle mix and a blind one at that (pictured nearby). And if wasn't already cool enough, the guy had on a hound rescue shirt.  

I could talk about Zilker, Travis, and Town Lake, the bats, Hippy Hollow, 6th Street, hiking the Hill Country, Eeyore's birthday party, Blues on the Greens, and even the homeless musicians on the Drag.  But none of those would give you a more simple, perfect sense of Austin's energy than this.  

And although I lived here for almost a decade, a lifetime full and a lifetime ago it feels like, it still and will always remain my second home.  

I don't know where or when home is for me anymore but I know enough now that that isn't up to me.  The path takes us for as long as it takes us.  I often refer to myself as homeless, and it drives some of you nuts, but I do so for purposes no other than simplicity and consistency. 

I felt a kinship with that food stand and when we leave Austin this evening in route to Santa Fe NM, our next tour stop, my thoughts will reflect on this experience.  But I wanted to share it with you before we get back on the road.  

If you have a moment, visit the Biscuits and Groovy website or friend them on Facebook and  thank them for keeping Austin weird.  And, if you're still at the PSI conference, the food there is excellent... stop by if you can...


Natalie Poulos said...

We and our dogs - Beauregard, Dixie, and Ray (the blind one you were admiring) - were visiting Biscuits and Groovy again this morning for my husbands birthday breakfast, when the main guy let us know about your blog. After we ordered our favorite Donna Summer, he pulled up the story he was telling us about and let us read it on the B&G iPad. We love it! We too think that B&G is a great Austin experience - both the food and the people. And, you did catch my husband in his favorite Hound Rescue shirt. They are the ones that helped bring Ray into our family a few years ago.

Natalie Poulos said...

We were visiting Biscuits and Groovy this morning for my husbands birthday when the main guy let us know about your blog, and that we made one of your stories... Well, mainly that Ray made your story. We went ahead and ordered our favorite Donna Summer, and while we waited he brought our the B&G iPad with the post pulled up. We loved it! And agree that B&G is a perfect Austin experience - both the food and the people. You did catch my husband in one of his favorite shirts :) Hound Rescue is a wonderful Austin organization that helped bring Ray to us a few years ago (yes, we renamed him Ray after Ray Charles).

Your Big Dog said...

hey thanks for completing the story and confirming just how cool austin is & why it'll always be my second love affair. thanks for what you guys do in rescuing dogs