Friday, April 20, 2012

Recipe: New England Naughty Hog

I'm well known for my breakfast tacos but the other morning I didn't have tortillas, cream cheese or even refried beans so I was stuck with a six pack of Portuguese sweet bread buns I had purchased at a Somerville bodega, a pound of pork, and a pint of French onion dip. 

And thus the New England Naughty Hog was born.  Here's how you make one.

Fry up 2 strips (or four for the more adventurous and cardiac unclogged) and in the bacon grease, cook a cup of diced potatoes.  I seasoned them with Thyme to add a hint of sweetness.  In the opened bun, my base layer is a couple of slices of maple syrup ham, topped with the home fries, then the bacon and a handful of cheese.  Try pepper jack for a little kick to it.  Broil it til brown and the cheese has melted then slather the other face with the French onion dip.  Don't be stingy - the sauce really makes the sammich.  

If you want the breakfast version, which I've made a few times, throw some scramby eggs in the mix - which I make with sour cream.  

As one of the first to try my latest concoction said, "It just feels good to eat it".  

And ironically and unintentionally, I happened to publish it today.

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Solitude.Peace said...

The New England Naughty Hog was indeed naughty! What a great way to be inducted to your style of cooking - wonderful to say the least and a great start to a day.